Teasers from My New Book

The Druids probably inherited their knowledge of astronomy from their Neolithic ancestors, who built monuments like Stonehenge in Wiltshire, the Thornborough Monument complex in North Yorkshire, and Callanish in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

Many Early Neolithic and Iron Age Britons practiced (or practised!) a funeral rite known as excarnation (defleshing) and secondary burial. Did they do this because they thought that their souls would be reincarnated, so that the body was not important?

Iron Age Britons in Lincolnshire (eastern England) built a timber causeway over marshy ground near the River Witham. They felled timbers for the causeway at the time of lunar eclipses. Much the same happened in Wales, Ireland and continental Europe.

Soldiers in the Roman army wore bearskin hoods – they probably borrowed this practice from the Germans.

Arthur had a dog called Cabal, which means “Horse”. Horses or parts of horses were offered to the gods during the Iron Age, and dogs played an important role in excarnation from the Neolithic to the Iron Age.

One of the main characters in the Fourth Branch of the medieval collection of Welsh tales called the “Mabinogion” is Math. His name is an Old Irish word for “bear” (it literally means “the good one” – you can’t be too careful with bears!). Can Math be a very early version of Arthur?


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