About Me

I was born in Australia and spent forty years teaching English and Linguistics all over the world, including Australia France, Turkey, Kuwait, Malawi and the UK. I retired a few years ago and now live on the Isle of Wight in southern England. I first became interested in prehistoric Britain when I came across the Stonehenge site Eternal Idol, run by Dennis Price. Eventually I published “The Druids and King Arthur: A New View of Early Britain”, and I am now on the verge of publishing a new book on the Druids and King Arthur. The Druids remain tantalisingly just beyond our reach, and  although Arthur is much more accessible, he too remains a figure who is hard to pin down. Language has been an abiding interest for all my adult life, and I bring to my books my musings on etymology (the history of words), as well as insights from archaeology and mythology.

Druids Arthur